In a time of unpredictability and uncertainty, it feels like our world is spinning out of control.

How can we take back control AND make a positive impact + income?

As external resources are being dismantled and disappearing, it’s time to tap into our inner resources of resilience, vision, creativity and our innate gifts and talents. We want to move beyond desperation, fear and helplessness and active our full capacity within ourselves. How can we do this?

  Accepting that we have to create a new ‘normal’

 Time to think strategically

Be open-minded to creating new ideas

 1st step, IDENTIFYING your unique Gifts

Your body has fingerprints – unlike any other person – your soul has GIFTS, just as unique and identifiable as the fingerprints of your body.

We are — PERFECTLY EQUIPPED — to get through challenging, uncertain times and crisis when we utilise our unique mix of Authentic Gifts.

Use your talents they are precious gifts given to you to put to work.

– Robyn O’Brien

2nd Step – Activate of your NATURAL GIFTS – this can bring more flow, relief and happiness bringing a sense of well-being to your life. It feels like you are –In Your Element–

In a time like this, –A SENSE OF NOT ENOUGHNESS– tends to permeate our life in disempowering ways. We can all relate to not enough time, money, connectedness and reassurance. It is therefore very natural for us to become disconnected to who we are naturally.

By identifying, connecting and activating our natural gifts, it can help to show us the way forward. 

How Can We Move Forward:

> Identify where you can utilise your gifts

> Connect your Gifts with peoples needs to create impact

> Where can you add value to other people?

> What problems can you solve with your gifts?

> Who can I collaborate with?

YOUR AUTHENTIC GIFTS are what you were born with. You have a unique mix of Primary, Secondary and Complementary Gifts. These are the things that come naturally to you when you’re engaged and things flow seamlessly.

There are times people will have told you “You have a Gift for that” or “How do you do that, it seems so natural?” This is when you have unconsciously been fully employing Your Authentic Gifts.

For example, you may have the Gift of Teaching…

Those with the GIFT OF TEACHING have an engaging personality and are able to impart information and knowledge to others in a way they can learn the material easily and remember it in a meaningful way. In essence, your genius to thrive in this area lies in the way you connect easily and meaningfully with others, maintaining their attention and respect as you share your knowledge. The Gift of Teaching has created some of the most extraordinary, prosperous and influential people in the world.



Are you using your Gifts against YOURSELF?

Are you UNDERVALUING your Gifts?

Although we have these great gifts inside of us,there
are times that we may be applying them in our lives in a ‘DISTORTED/WOUNDED’ capacity, which can leave you feeling UNFULFILLED and LOST as to why we love to do something but it doesn’t have the same meaning to us anymore.

This –Authentic Gifts Assessment– will explain BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN, how you can use your Gifts to advance yourself and others as well as what your Gifts look like in the Distorted/ Wounded form.


— Does it require a lot of work?

Well, there are a few reasons worth mentioning here as to why you spend time and effort in uncovering your Giftedness.

For one thing; discovering, uncovering and using your Gifts is the only way to experience the most magnificent expression of who you really are in your own unique way, to create PRESENCE, PROSPERITY & become ELEGANTLY UNSTOPPABLE. That’s one very good reason!

Authentic Giftedness means you have a degree of –Certainty– that gives you an air of –UNQUESTIONABLE AUTHORITY– in your personal and business life.


To unlock the blueprint of your life and become your very best self, using all the Gifts of the soul within your personal blueprint of life!There is no better reason than that!


Don’t give up on yourself, your dreams, your ideas – There is a way!

You could change the course of your life in the next 30min by completing the –Authentic Gifts Assessment.–

Discover your authentic gifts

It’s Never Too Late… For Your Friends And Family To Live Their Best Life,