Things to do in Fiji – Hiking and Waterfall Experience

Has anyone had a bucket list of exploring through the jungle, to come across a pristine crystal spring fed by a majestic waterfall cascading down a sheer rock face? Well today we find ours.

Lou my partner and love of my life, her son Ryan and his partner Amanda, both professional photographers, look up Ryan Fowler Photography and be amazed at the quality of work, head off on our adventure.

We were picked up from our resort by our guide Ben. He has a 40-watt smile and made us feel all at ease as he answered all our questions and belayed any fears.

As we arrived at Biausevu village and were greeted by smiling children, it was Fiji Day and the school was closed, no wonder they were smiling.

We were ushered into the community hall, please remove any hats, sunglasses, and shoes as a mark of respect.

We met with the village elders and sat down on grass mats and were honoured with a Kava Ceremony. It was with great trepidation that we sampled the Fijian traditional drink as I had heard it was quite a narcotic.

The elders chanted Bula and clapped 3 times as we took turns in sipping the Kava. It had an unusual flavour it is made from the ground root of the Pepper root, mixed with water, not undrinkable, but perhaps an acquired taste.

We were then blessed with good luck and safe journey on our trek. With our guide Ben leading the way we were off on our adventure. The river snakes it way across the track 8 times, so wear sneakers or reef boots, as the crossings are 1 feet deep. The track to the waterfall is 2.5kl. a slight incline but if you are feeling adventurous you can leisurely ride a horse up to the waterfall. 

I tried to get Lou to ride but alas she said another time, chicken! As we made our way, we were met by one of the local villagers, with just been picked coconuts. With a deft few strokes from his machete he cut the top off a coconut then proceeded to cut a reed into straws, all organic sweet tasting coconut juice. Lou couldn’t drink all of hers, so we poured it over her hair, a natural treatment to be rinsed at the waterfall. We made a $5.00 donation to our villager for his help in treating us to our refreshing treat.

We passed some rest stations along the way, if you need to catch your breath, it is only a slight incline on the concrete path. As we crossed the snaking river, with Ryan and Amanda capturing the natural water and foliage in amazing detail, we could hear the cascading waterfall. Our guide said we weren’t too far away and just as we rounded the next bend, we were amazed to see the free-flowing waterfall in all its glory.

The Biausevu Waterfall is 100 ft of cascading spring water, there was some stories of some of the villagers jumping from half way into the lake below, I don’t recommend you try it. Ben our guide jumped from 10 ft that was high enough.

With Ryan and Amanda setting up for some stunning shots Lou and I decided to cool off in the lake. If you ever have the opportunity to swim in a waterfall fed spring lake, make sure you do. The water was crisp as we dived in very refreshing after our trek up to the waterfall. As we swam around, we felt a strong current pushing against us, it was the pressure from the waterfall hurtling down the sheer face as it collided with the crystal-clear spring lake. Lou used to be a champion swimmer but even she had to exert herself to make any headway against the shimmering mist. The bottom of the lake is sandy in the middle but as you enter a few rocks make you navigate a path. Keep your reef boots on if you go swimming it makes it a lot easier.  Lou rinsed the coconut treatment out of her hair it made her hair so soft. She looked like a modern-day Jane and I was her Tarzan.

After splashing, laughing, and playing in the water it was soon time for lunch.Ben set our lunch out ,chicken and salad rolls ,fresh papaya ,and bottles of Fiji water ,all prepared by the village. We greedily ate our lunch; the trekking and swimming makes for an appetite.

After lunch Ryan brought out his drone and sent it up to the top of the waterfall, some killers photos of the jungle canopy and the spring fed waterfall had us all in awe.

We swam around for another hour then it was time to trek home, easy on the way back all downhill. We were amazed at the beauty of the trees, it made for great Tree Bathing, taking in the sights and smells of nature at its best.

We came back from the trek all smiles Ryan and Amanda had some brilliant shots, from the drone and their NiSi filters, and Lou had a natural hair treatment in the middle of the jungle. Can’t get any better than that.

When you get back have a look in the community hall were the villagers have made some carvings and souvenirs, it all helps the village so even if you don’t but anything you can leave a donation with the chief. 

All in all, a fantastic day, experiencing nature in all its glory thoroughly enjoyed by all.

If you are wanting to share this same experience, call Tambua Sands, Coral Coast and ask for Adi (pronounced Andi) to book your authentic Fijian experience.

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