The Well B-ing Story

The Well B-ing Story

WAW was born from my personal journey of having my own wellbeing seriously challenged on every level.

In my darkest moment midst a critical health crisis, it was a time I feared I just might not make it through! It was a mystical moment where that darkness seemed to stop everything in time and I was silently ushered into an inner divine holding area in which to review my life. It was a peaceful space where there were no distractions, pain or fear, instead, a gentle whisper asking me ‘ what truly matters NOW’? I was given a choice. “ With great clarity, I could see all the small stuff had no relevance or hold over me. I could see I had spent too much time worrying over petty things.


The answer was incredibly clear, my heart was fierce with its clarity and direction. I knew I had to live more fully and live a life with no regrets. Firstly I was going to survive this and make sure I could be there for my son, secondly, I felt an ache in my heart and I knew I had to stop putting off meeting the love of my life – doing life on my own was no longer an option. Thirdly, I could feel the pain that felt like I wasn’t allowing myself to fully utilize my innate gifts to help others and fulfil my purpose in life.


This was where I made the mental and emotional declaration to take full responsibility for my wellbeing and fulfil what was authentic to me. I had spent too many years putting off the things that really did matter to me and wasting too much energy living up to societies unreal expectations.


What was very apparent in this experience was how important wellbeing is and without it we have nothing!! Wellbeing is required to fuel, nourish and enable us to take our gifts out into the world creating a positive impact in our own lives and others. As several confusing, painful and frightening months went by I embraced natural healing modalities and slowly rebirthed the unfolding of my mu new Self and authentic lifestyle.


There’s another way to create success!! It doesn’t have to be the well-trodden and outdated path of burnout, accumulative stress, anxiety, exhaustion, empty lifestyle and constantly living in life-sucking survival mode!!


With clarity and determination, I have moved through the health challenges to have now met my loving partner Peter, also relishing the moments with my son and we have set a new lifestyle in motion. With house and everything, all sold up, a new and exciting laptop life of travelling and passions is ignited!!!


Not only do we share wellbeing from around the world – We have now launched the Authentic Success Mentoring Program and Authentic Gifts Assessment to empower women with clarity and direction in creating a fulfilling life utilizing their authentic gifts for their authentic life.


Join me and my team as we introduce to you the life-changing Authentic Success Mentoring Program and social media platforms where we share life-enhancing wellbeing experiences, knowledge, fun and tips from around the world.

Love Louise

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