Peter - Wellbeing Around The World Team

Meet Peter


Follow Peter’s novel travel and food blogs in his 2nd Act for living out his un-lived dreams for writing, life-sustaining food and wellness travel. Turning 60 was a major turning point for Peter as he made a very important lifestyle change, sold up his business to follow his heart and maintain a high level of wellbeing.


His dream has been in the making for over 40 years!!


In this time he has been a successful entrepreneur where he has been the owner of several highly successful corporate cafes and a multi-million dollar food empire in which, he supplied top Australian and International chefs with specialised cuts of fresh grass fed meats and created seasonal menus to wow the clientele!!


Most of his life has revolved around creating recipes for the food industry, top chefs and corporate functions. Now his adventure with Wellbeing Around The World is about intertwining & sharing his passions in which he demonstrates that it is never too late to follow your dreams – He brings together an eclectic mix of his much loved golf game, swimming, writing, cooking, novel reading, travel and the time with the love of his life, Louise.