Meet Martine


Martine has a diverse and dynamic career path and is proud to say she has always loved what she does!


Beginning with an elite professional dancing career spanning the first 25 years of her life, this experience built the foundation of who she is today.


Discovering a love of inspiring people through performance, this principle followed her through the next chapters of her life. The discipline of technique and training and the challenge to maintain the passion and drive to keep going with what she loved, not only when success was flowing but also when faced with the disappointment of rejection or self doubt are life skills that serve her always.


Martine believes that our greatest challenges become our most precious gifts and having faced personal, professional and financial difficulties in her life she now delivers training that focuses on reducing the negative impact of these challenges on the emotional and physical wellbeing. Building our own self-love, strength and true happiness while creating a life of more ease and flow.


With 20 years experience in business, Martine’s careers expand across diverse industries including, Fitness & Pilates, Business Mentoring, Training & Assessment and Direct Sales. Her love of helping people through teaching and mentoring along with her personal and professional experience makes Martine a passionate and authentic presenter and mentor.


Martine has created her own work life around wellness, combining her Pilates teaching, Inner & Outer Beauty business and Mentoring and Training women.   It was a natural step to join Louise in her venture with WellB-ing around the World, having had the joy of Louise as a personal friend and business coach for over ten years.

Through the Authentic Success Mentoring Program and along with Martine’s own unique style and skills, she now provides tools and structure to help women create sustainable success and wellbeing in all aspects of their life.