Meet Louise


Founder – Well.B-ING Around the World

Creator – Authentic Success ModelTM
Well.B-ING to me starts by being in alignment with who you are, your Authentic Self.


Our Authentic Self is our unique mix of gifts, talents, skills, passions, and experiences that come together to guide us in OUR PURPOSE in the most prosperous way. The more we are in alignment with our Authentic Self the happier & more dynamic we feel.  We see and experience the world in a much more harmonious way equipping us with the inner resources required to make our specialized contribution and impact in the world.


Connecting the dots in my own life it is clear to see when I have been out of alignmentand operating my life from fear, scarcity, separation from my true path/gifts, trying to keep up with society’s expectations and trying to make things happen, I paid a costly price with my health, happiness and resources.


It’s tiring living and working by the old, outdated and misguided patriarchal rulebook of how success is supposed to be created!! It’s simply not sustainable.  Having lived and experienced the full gauntlet of a corporate career, business owner, successes, failures, divorce, debt, a solo mum, striving, following all the rules, it was a constant inner & outer struggle. I knew there had to be another way. And there is!


In my mid 40’s I was led on a very passionate quest to learn how to re-navigate a new way of living and succeeding.  It was a rebirthing... bringing together decades of coaching, training, research, experiences and the success of building a multi-million dollar online business that guided me in creating a step by step process in operating your life in a much more balanced and authentic way.  – And with all the benefits of success and wellbeing.


Aligning with your Authentic Self will help you to connect to your inner PEACE, by connecting with who you truly are and what really matters to you, allowing you to PLAY more and bring back joy. With new tools in hand, you can step fully into an abundance mindset, truly knowing and understanding that there is PLENTY for all and plenty to contribute.


It’s never too late to—live your purpose, start that new career, start a new business, take that incredible adventure, launch a new project, get fit and healthy, and make the decision to be truly happy, to live your – AUTHENTIC LIFESTYLE & SUCCESS –you’ve always dreamed of…


Now in my 50’s this is the most exciting time of my life and I’m incredibly grateful to now share – Well.B-ING Around the World– with YOU!!  It’s been one heck of a journey making the shift out of the out-dated and manufactured framework to living a constantly evolving & growing authentic model for meaningful success.  It’s the journey of synthesising & bringing together all the elements of who you are.This is my unique mix of experience and a driving passion to share the inspiration of nature, travel, cultures, authentic self and now connecting it all together to a new fresh platform inspiring well-being. It has been even more fulfilling to share the journey with my beautiful team and we are here to support you on your quest to bring your  –Wow Factor to the world!