Meet Belinda


If there’s a motto Belinda Wuensch has lived by from a young age it’s, “stay true to what matters most.” This motto has guided her through her childhood, world travels, working life and even her relationships—after meeting her husband in Germany on a student exchange at 16, she refused to let distance get in their way and fought to keep hold of what mattered most. Today, they are happily married in Australia with two beautiful daughters.


Belinda had an indestructible sense of self from early on and has always loved encouraging others in their own strengths and talents. After completing a degree in Visual Communication, her first business saw her being particularly passionate about harnessing a business’s potential and presenting it to the world in a way that made them shine.


Her love of Design and Inspiring people to shine, led her to creating a bi-annual magazine that inspired couples to have the best wedding day whilst also expressing their own individualities and uniqueness as a couple. Every story was unique, bringing together the threads of each other’s life to now building a life together. She thrived in sharing stories and inspiration that built excitement and touched the hearts of her readers by showing them that their dreams could become a reality. Belinda was featured in Lounge to Boardroom, a coffee table book and prestige publication heralding the success of inspirational women in Australia.


Belinda has also had her own business in the area of Beauty and Wellness to have women see and believe that they really matter. It was also a business that enabled her to train others in having the life they choose and desire. She found that helping women put time aside for themselves was an important key to having them choose an authentic pathway and doing what matters most to them.


After becoming a mum in her early thirties, Belinda began noticing an inner sense for something more, a sense for increased purpose and impact in her life. Having children gave her a deeper perspective of how incredible each human being is and how each of us is born into this world equipped with unique gifts. It led her on a path of discovery and she realised, although having already done many things, her life was only just beginning.


She decided to become a trained Coach, certified in Meta Dynamics and EDISC Behavioural profiling to be able to support people in aligning to their Authentic Self whilst creating a successful life, filled with what really matters to them. Having worked alongside Louise for many years it was a natural progression for Belinda to link arms with her to bring Louise’s incredible Vision for Wellness Around the Worldalive. Belinda is more excited than ever to be helping people in living what matters most to them and stepping into a life of purpose and fulfilment.