2nd Chance @ Love & Well.B-ING


As you know in Louise’s most transformative moments she made the declaration to find that special man to spend her life with! She was determined to open her heart to love again and therefore venturing into the daunting process of online dating in her 50’s! Meanwhile, Peter was also looking for the love of his life, and ready to share his life with the right woman.


Peter fell in love with Lou’s cheeky smile, infectious laughter and loving attitude. Louise fell in love with Peters caring and loving nature and he was fully there for her on her healing path back to full vitality.


In perfect timing, these two hearts and souls have come together to share their life’s journey together living life to the fullest and sharing wellbeing experiences from around the world. They both encompass the passion for wellness travel, healthy cooking, longevity tips and inspiring others that life after 50 is a time for celebration and exploring all your unlived dreams!!


Join them on their social media platforms & travel blogs in their daily travels sharing the best wellbeing tips and experiences from around the world.


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